2020 Lake Muskoka Pike Open Rules and Regulations

Sat May 16th, 2020 from 7:30 am to 4:00pm at Boston Pizza docks on Lake Muskoka. Boundaries are the lake proper ( No Locking) or closed areas ( Muskoka River).

All Federal and provincial boating / fishing rules and regulations must be adhered to. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

BOAT INSPECTIONS ( 5:30am - 7am )
Will be conducted by officials from 5:30am to 7am at Boston Pizza docks. All boats must be checked. If you boat check card (score card) is not filled out and sign by an official in the morning you will be automatically DISQUALIFIED! 

LATE ARRIVALS ( *** will loose 1 hour of fishing time *** )
Any teams not arriving on time by 7:00am will miss all the Tournament officials as they will be out on the lake on Blast off Boat. If you are late YOU MUST STAY AT BOSTON PIZZA DOCKS until oficials return from blast off. This would be closer to 8:30am.

This will take place right outside of the narrows of Gravenhurst Bay,  Boat number sticker must be placed on back of outboard, get in position before blast off. Boat numbers will be called out starting with #1 and so on with a 5 sec ( On plane) delay between boats. When your number is called you must put your hand up and drive by the blast off pontoon boat. We will be checking of all boats blasting off for your number.  If you missed your position in blast off you go to the end of the pack.

Final  weigh in will be held at the docks at Boston Pizza at 4:00pm SHARP. Teams coming in late will receive a 5 inch per minute penalty (applied to your largest pike).  Boats must be past Greavette Island and in sight  by 4:00pm sharp.

Weigh in Line Up
We are asking everyone to come into the little bay between Boston Pizza and Grace and Speed this year to arrange and line up all on one side. There will be two Orange buoy markers that all teams must stay to the right of when coming into the bay...then once turned around and lined up you must then proceed in line and stay to the right of the markers again as you approach the weigh in docks. 

This will help streamline the end of day mass's 

Each boat will be given a numbered tag that is to be shown to officials when weighing in any fish, this will be your score card.. 
ALL SCORE CARDS ***MUST!!!***  be handed in at the end of the tournament so we know everyone is back safe. Score cards not returned at end of day will be penalized  for next years tournament. (Penalty... TBD.)
Each boat will be given a boat # sticker that is to be placed on the back of your motor. This is so teams can line up in close order for blast off.

There will be no pre-fishing rules set in place as the season is not open until the day of the tournament. You can look around up until the day of the tournament.

Each team may enter 5 pike. Scoring is measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. A 20 inch minimum will apply. Fish under 20 inches will not be scored but will count as one of your 5 fish total. A non surviving fish will result in a 5" Penalty.

All Boats must have a working livewell. Any fish entered that are dead will receive a 5 inch penalty. 

Kill Switch
All boats must be equipped with a working kill switch

Life Jackets must be worn at all times other than trolling or drifting speeds.

No dead or prepared bait, pork rind is permitted.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited during tournament hours.

All prizes are team prizes. In case of a tie, the team entering the single biggest fish will be awarded the higher position.

Will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification. First boat on a spot has priority. No boat may fish within 50 feet of another boat.

Members of the tournament committee at the end of the day settle any disputes. Their decision is not subject to appeal.

Have the discretion to disqualify competitors for any violation of rules without refund.

Any protest of violations made prior to Boat check time must be made at the registration tent to officials.  Any violations occurring during tournament or after the weigh in must be made to tournament officials at weigh in stations at Boston Pizza. Protest must be accompanied by in writing followed by a cost of $75

Muskoka River Off Limits
Muskoka River including the north channel (town of Bracebridge) from Bracebridge downstream to the mouth of the river at Lake Muskoka including the main channel to the green buoy (E.E.1) and the second channel known as the Gap to the red lighted buoy (E.C.2). Fish Sanctuary, no fishing from April 1st to the Friday before the second Sat in June.

Measure stations
Milford Bay (Town Docks) - Open 8:00am to 2:00pm
Boston Pizza (docks) - Open all day
Any fish measured during the day will count as one of your 5 fish. If you measure in Milford Bay your score will be called in immediately  to the tournament official and entered in the system.
Use these stations during the day if you have a big fish to help reduce travel time with fish and to help with the healthy releasing of that fish.

Tournament Emergency Phone Number.
Tournament Official.
Chad Zanelli : 1.705.828.5342.
Chad will be Announcing Blast off from Pontoon Boat, then following that, he will be on site at Boston Pizza for the remainder of the day !

100% Payback in CASH and PRIZES

Enjoy the tournament and good luck.


Fish must be alive to qualify for big fish prize

  Cancellations within 24 hours of tournament
 will result in a non-refundable entree fee.